Sex Snake (Pink)

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Experience the ultimate in Anal Pleasure with Sex snake Anal Beads. The beads graduallyincrease in size as you insert them, allowing thebeads to gently easeinto the anal region for the ultimate pleasurable experience. The Super powerful Motor at the tip of the tail will cause multiple waves of stimulation deep into your inner most regions, creating the ultimate anal experience! All of the beads are oval-shaped creating a tapered profile which makes insertion and removal easier. The string of anal beads is extremely flexible and bendable to naturally fit the contours of yourbody  allowing for maximum stimulation and comfort. Ring handle ensures extra safety and easy removal.  Features: Phthalate Free Super Powerful Tail Motor Beads tapered for easier insertion Smooth and flexible for comfort Remove them mid-orgasm to intensify your climax Ringed base for your safety  and easy removal Made from hypoallergenic and easy to clean silicone